Real Solutions For Our Clients


Our mission is to provide homebuilder and developer clients with innovative, results-driven sales and marketing services that are 100% focused on the sale of new homes.


Provide builders and developers in the new home industry with the opportunities and support needed to help them meet their sales goals.


We've spent decades growing a company with a culture of integrity, credibility and performance. Our clients find our value is in our ability to help them achieve and exceed their sales goals. We've honed our craft to be more than just sales and marketing. We've built a system and processes that's designed to help our clients realize success by supporting them from the ground up – before the first shovel even hits the dirt.

What does this really mean? It means we know that a large portion of success in homebuilding happens well before the building begins. That's why we've cultivated relationships with both developers and builders. It gives us the ability to match the right builders with the right developer opportunities. It's also how we bring a depth of market knowledge and research designed to guide a builder's pre-construction process. Choosing the right location for the right product will impact sales. We bring a rich understanding of how to find that critical sweet spot.

We've built our value on successfully marketing and selling new homes for more than three decades, and it's that value that will lead our evolution in the future.


Achieving bottom line results for a new residential community means selling new homes to meet client objectives.
As a result of our passion and of our ability to focus on new home sales only, our track record speaks for itself.


The key to outselling the competition is understanding the buyer and putting that insight into selling action. More new homes are sold when the community and homes are designed with the desired amenities and features demanded by the market. Relying on past preferences is not enough. You need up-to-the-minute analysis of the market’s most popular amenities and emerging features to meet the de- mands of today’s buyers effectively.

Over the past three decades, FMB has refined a high-performance sales strategy and training program that that consistently delivers measurable success and gives us a completive edge. Our sales management team has unparalleled market and product knowledge of single family homes, townhomes, and condominiums, as well as the latest innovations in home design.

Effective Sales Management

Hiring professional, licensed and experienced agents to be your onsite sales associates. Continuous coaching, planning, and accountability oversight by an experienced sales management team. Ongoing motivation of sales associates to achieve the clients objectives through generous compensation plans and outstanding company recognition programs.

FMB is passionate about our commitment to the effective management and use of information through technology. Over the years, we have developed systems and databases for prospect management, traffic sourcing, sales tracking, and buyer demographics. Additionally, we’ve created public community web sites for our communities. These proprietary practices have contributed to our achievement of a nationally recognized and industry-leading program of marketing success and operational effciency.


Building the Right Community...
in the Right Place, at the Right Time.

Our success of almost 30 years has been driven by our ability to analyze a community’s potential for success.

Successful new home communities all tend to have something that is much easier to see with hindsight than with foresight: they offered the right product, in the right place, at the right time.

Determining how to best leverage land in each specific market is a major factor for ultimate success. Achieving this delicate balance necessitates a critical evaluation of the land – its location, topography, access, and features – as well as a deep understanding of how the surrounding residential real estate market is trending for the future.

It is essential to gauge what type of community (product, price points, and amenities) will bring the greatest return on investment, without compromising a desire to create remarkable and innovative communities. If the equation does not add up, we have never hesitated to recommend a different approach or development plan.

Establishing realistic and achievable goals in the beginning goes a long way in maximizing opportunities for the end results to be satisfying and profitable.

Our market knowledge and research make a valuable contribution to the full due diligence process conducted by our clients to enhance the marketability of their new communities.


In late 2008, the principals of Fonville Morisey Barefoot recognized the need for a different way of doing business for builders and developers whose homes and neighborhoods could no longer support full time traditional onsite programs.

As a result, Select Homes was created in 2009 to successfully market, sell, and close new homes in “select” neighborhoods with a remote new homes sales person and an array of services in place of their traditional full-time onsite program.

The Select Homes team recommends product and pricing, and professionally markets to buyers and brokers. Due to specializing in new homes only, clients are assured that their agent thoroughly understands the New Homes Sales process. Clients also get the benefit of the collective knowledge of the FMB team, providing a synergy of market expertise.